We look after your skin using science

We have created Sensitive Skin Lab, the pharmaceutical laboratory where we design rituals for sensitive skin types by using our expertise in dermo-aesthetics.

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Respectful formulas

We carefully choose all of our ingredients which helps us create formulas that respect sensitive skin complete with the sensory experience of high cosmetics.

Our philosophy

In our laboratory, we create our formulas following our strict Skin Respect Therapy protocol, which guarantees the efficiency and security of our products and the well-being of your skin.
Sensitive skin types
We are committed to respecting your skin: all of our products are tested on sensitive skin types in order to offer high-quality cosmetic treatments.
We design beauty rituals that allow you to enjoy a unique sensory experience while you look after your skin.

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Do you know which products are most suitable for the needs of your skin? Our test will guide you and help you find the best treatments for you.


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