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Delfi Brea Joins the Sensilis Family

Padel player Delfi Brea, a paddle tennis star, joins Sensilis as an ambassador to promote sun protection.

At Sensilis, we've signed an exciting sponsorship agreement with paddle tennis player Delfi
Brea. This partnership not only marks a milestone in promoting sun protection but also
represents a step forward in Sensilis' commitment to skin health and well-being.

Delfi Brea, currently ranked as the number 2 pair in the International Padel Federation (FIP)
ranking, is an inspiring figure both on and off the courts. With her elegant play and tireless
dedication, Delfi has captivated fans worldwide. Now, she joins Sensilis to share her passion
for paddle tennis and her commitment to skincare.

"We are delighted to welcome Delfi Brea to the Sensilis family," said Paloma Perea. "We have
here a player who represents not only the future of women's paddle tennis but also, due to
her strength, elegant play, and fight to the last point, she excites and earns admiration both
within and outside the professional circuit. Delfi shares with us the same vision regarding
education in good daily sun protection habits and in sports practice."

More about Delfi Brea:

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Delfi Brea has showcased her skills on the paddle tennis
courts by winning six tournaments on the international WORLD PADEL TOUR circuit and being
the runner-up with the Argentine team at the 2022 Dubai World Cup. Her rapid progression
has positioned her as one of the standout figures in the paddle tennis world, and now,
alongside Sensilis, she embarks on a new mission: to promote healthy and protected skin.

Together with Delfi Brea, we are ready to inspire everyone to adopt healthy sun protection
habits and to enjoy the sun safely and responsibly. Join us on this exciting journey towards
healthier and more radiant skin!

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