Our history

We were born in 1979 in a pharmaceutical laboratory in Barcelona.

We have all the scientific support and expertise in derma-aesthetics supported by ISO certification.Today at Sensilis, we design, formulate and develop in Spain. We make sure that all of our formulas and ingredients deliver the best care for you and your skin.

Experts in pro-aging and sensitive skin

Sensilis derives its name from the Latin sensibilis, meaning sensitive. From the beginning, we have set out to be pioneers in the field of sensitive skin and skin aging. As a pharmaceutical laboratory, it is our responsibility to take a step further, leveraging our research expertise to achieve the most advanced and sensorial formulas to deliver the best care for sensitive skin.

Most women are likely to begin their relationship with beauty products using pharmaceuticals due to signs of acne or reactions to sensitive skin. But women looking for their first anti-aging treatment usually opt for products that are more medical than cosmetic. The result is often a less than satisfactory experience. At Sensilis, we combine the best of beauty and sensitive skincare to ensure that all women can treat the source with a beauty product that is both effective and sensorial.
Is your skin sensitive?

Our values define our special care.

Safety and quality
Our ingredients and formulas are tested both scientifically and clinically to ensure their maximum safety. We obsess over the quality of our products and we carefully select each one of our ingredients.
Our products offer you the best sensory experience through packaging, perfumes and textures that please your senses.
We are committed to creating high-quality products that look after sensitive skin.
We believe in a better planet. That’s why reducing our environmental footprint is one of our main priorities as a company.

What is beauty? You might define it by a unique look. A timid smile. A sincere response. A gentle touch. A shiver. A genuine expression. Or you might see it as simply feeling comfortable in your own skin.

At Sensilis, we believe that your unique and sensitive skin is what makes you beautiful. It is what makes you feel and lets the world see you exactly as you are. It’s your most personal and authentic expression. Look after your skin and feel beautiful. Because your skin expresses your sensitivity, and your sensitivity is your beauty.