At Sensilis, we have a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability. That’s why, little by little, we are taking action to protect the planet the best we can.

At Sensilis, we integrate actions into our every day that support sustainable development, and we actively participate in the conservation of our planet in order to limit our impact on the environment.

What we’ve achieved

  • Our production center has ECOCERT/COSMOS certification. Our certification guarantees and promotes best practices that respect the environment and are socially conscious.
  • All of the electricity that we use comes from renewable sources of energy.
  • We have implemented intelligent lighting systems that allow us to save 60,000 kWh each year, equivalent to 24 tonnes of CO2.
  • We’ve formulated sunscreens with Ocea Respect* formulas. Thus, we can minimize the environmental impact of our products on the oceans.*Marine biodegradability testing according to OCDE 306.

Our sustainable goals

As part of our commitment to the environment, we are changing the packaging material for all of our products from plastic to 100%-recyclable glass. Some of our formulas are already biodegradable; however, we are still working to make all of our products biodegradable so that we don't leave any waste in the environment.


Any waste in the environment with our products


recyclable glass packaging