Sensitive and Sensitised Skin
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What is it?

Sensitive skin is skin that overreacts to external or internal stimuli. In fact, up to 70% of people today say they have highly sensitive skin.

What are the symptoms?

While sometimes hard to diagnose, sensitive skin always reacts in a hyper-sensitive manner to varying degrees. And it almost always shares the same symptoms.

What are the causes?
External and internal factors
Sensitivity is triggered in the skin by external and internal factors. It often occurs in dry skin, as a lack of moisture makes it more vulnerable to irritants.

These are the most common causes:


Pollution and shifting weather such as cold, heat, wind and sun.


Diet, alcohol and smoking.


Stress and hormonal changes.


Certain cosmetic ingredients and treatments.


Excessive hygiene and aggressive cleansers.




What is it?

Skin whose barrier has been damaged by medical or cosmetic treatments and has lost the ability to regenerate naturally. Today, some 70 million cosmetic treatments are performed worldwide that impact the skin and sensitise it.

What are the symptoms?

It's quite normal for skin to react by becoming sensitised after non-invasive treatments.

Experts in listening to sensitive and sensitised skin
Sensilis has applied its expertise in sensitive skin to also repair skin that has been sensitised by non-invasive treatments.
The New Era of Dermocosmetics:
Aesthetic Dermatology
At Sensilis we address skincare in a holistic manner, where nutrition, lifestyle and beauty treatments are part of cosmetic routines.

​How we care for your skin

At Sensilis, we base our routines on the pyramid created by dermatologist Dr. Zoe Draelos.

[1] Protection and repair

[2] Epidermal transformation

Cell renewal
Depigmenting agents

[3] Optimisation
Fibroblast stimulation
Growth factor
Peptides, stem cells

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