Reaffirm your sensitive skin

Upgrade [AR]
Firms. Corrects wrinkles. Calms redness.


Upgrade [AR] acts in two ways: it firms and reduces redness, with utmost respect for sensitive skin.

We have combined oat polysaccharides, which have an anti-ageing and firming effect, with a polyphenol that provides a powerful anti-redness effect.

Why does redness occur in the skin?

Redness is one of the first signs of sensitive skin and it is normally due to capillary fragility. Intermittent redness is usually caused by:

  • Temperature changes
  • Eating habits (alcoholic drinks, hot or spicy food, etc.)
  • A stressful lifestyle
  • Anti-wrinkle, firming effect

Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. 22% more firmness and 43% less wrinkles

  • Calming effect

Upgrade [AR] lowers the skin’s temperature by 3 degrees in 1 minute. 18% less redness in 60 minutes in the area treated.

Study performed with clinical monitoring on volunteers with sensitive skin who applied UPGRADE AR twice daily (in the morning and at night) for 28 days. Average values obtained for the main biometric parameters studied. Firmness (cutometer); Wrinkles (image analysis); Moisturization (Moisturemeter); Redness (Skincolocath); Calming effect (Tewameter).

Why you will love it


Because of its pleasant, soothing sorbet texture.


Because of its pleasant, hypo-allergenic fragrance.


Because of its immediate lifting effect.


Because of its anti-redness action and strengthening of the barrier function.

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