Ocean Respect

Sun protection for sensitive skin that respects the environment


Our Ocean Respect* formulas, offering high levels of solar protection, are specially designed to protect sensitive skin while minimising the environmental impact that our products have on the oceans. Firmly committed to your skin and the environment.

*Biodegradability in seawater test following OECD 306 guidelines

Sun protection for sensitive skin

Sun Secret Ultra Fluid
facial treatment with an anti-aging triple defence shield for sensitive skin types. Very high UVA/UVB photoprotection.

Why will you love it?

Vitamin E prevents photoaging
Hyaluronic acid prevents chronological aging
Physalis angulata extract protects against damage caused by infrared rays
Vitamin D booster, an activator which boosts vitamin D3 synthesis in the skin, a vitamin which protects your bones by absorbing calcium, with the help of solar radiation.

  • Light texture and easily spread
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Water-resistant and doesn’t sting your eyes
  • Ocean Respect

Tratamiento Facial Antiedad Fluido SPF50+

Bronzing Booster Oil Gel
SPF30 tanning activator body oil gel with a dry finish. High UVA/UVB photoprotection.

Why will you love it?

Active ingredients include melanin precursors, boosting your tan by up to 43% after just 10 days of use, providing you with a quick and even tan.
Monoi oil from Tahiti, which provides moisturising action to make the tan last longer.
Vitamin E, an antioxidant which counters the attack of free radicals.

  • Refreshing and dry to the touch
  • Water resistant
  • Ocean Respect

Sun Secret Gel Aceite activador del bronceado SPF 30+

Application tips


Take a few quantities of product and apply it evenly all over your face and / or body.


Apply to the desired areas at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. Apply frequently, using the appropriate amount.


Limit sun exposure times and avoid the hours when the sun is at its strongest.

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