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Doctor Cristina Eguren talks about the consequences of excess sebum on oily skin: wrinkles, imperfections, rosacea.

Wrinkles, imperfections, redness... Excess sebum can cause these sequelae on the skin that can only be eliminated with the right treatment. We have it...

Doctor Cristina Eguren @dracristinaeguren_derma, a specialist in acne-rosacea conditions and melasma, explains the reason and, best of all, gives us the solution:

"Excess oil alters the skin's structure and causes textural damage with enlarged pores, which merge with fine lines, thus creating wrinkles."

That's why it's important to have suitable products for this skin type, such as Pure Age Perfection by Sensilis, a specific line designed and formulated to combat aging in oily and imperfect skin, which contains "sebum-regulating ingredients that help control and reduce sebum production," says the dermatologist.

And in particular, Pure Age Perfection [Retinal] contains retinoids like retinaldehyde, which "are essential in skincare routines, as they increase collagen and elastin production and have a redensifying function." This specific treatment from Sensilis is ideal for sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin and, according to the doctor, can be combined with Azelaic [Peel] lotion, which helps reduce sebum, spots, and redness. An essential beauty combination "to rebalance the skin microbiome" and pamper ourselves at home.

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